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Quality control & Certification

Highest cleanliness requirements

Quality and trust are the basic prerequisites for our success and that of our customers. That is why we produce in our Austrian production facility with the highest purity standards and under precise hygiene regulations and quality management practice. Our certified production facility (built in 2016) with state-of-the-art equipment enables you to manufacture your own products at the highest quality level. Each production step takes place in specially designed rooms and is permanently monitored.

Raw materials

Bio raw materials from renowned suppliers

Quality-tested, certified, mostly award-winning and patented raw materials from the world's most renowned suppliers and a wide range of organic raw materials ensure that only the best gets into your product.

We are HACCP-certified.

We are certified organic (AT-BIO-401).

HACCP & GMP-conform

(hazard analysis and critical control points)

establish critical control points and monitor and control them to prevent the occurrence of physical, chemical and biological hazards. A statutory and systematic way to ensure the highest possible food safety for our customers.

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BIO Certificate

(VO 834/2007/EC and VO 889/2008/EC)

Organic certificate from sanupharm

The certificate confirms that the rules and regulations required for the production and marketing of organic products are complied with in accordance with the two underlying regulations.

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