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Natural vital substances

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Contract manufacturing

of vital substances

Modern product management from a single source: from development and conception, through production and quality management, to packaging, shipping and customer care. 

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Contract manufacturing for drugstore MüllerContract manufacturing of vital substances for Douglas

Recipe development

We develop your individual recipe

Behind every great brand is an innovative idea, great products and a renowned and reliable manufacturer. As a specialized company, we provide you with optimal and above all personal support in the implementation of your own ideas.

Tested organic quality

Production of bio-vital substances

Austrian quality

and Austrian quality standards

At Sanupharm, we generally produce using gentle production technologies without heat generation and without additives and processing aids . We have set ourselves the goal of making production as natural as possible.

sanupharm Vitalstoffe

Innovation from the Salzburger Land

Our success is based on our commitment. The cooperation with our customers and partners is based on trust, which we create and maintain. We work true to the credo: "Not mass, but class!"