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Liquid capsules

Sanupharm - Your specialist for vegetarian liquid capsules / Liquid capsules

Sanupharm belongs in Austria to the prominent offerers of liquid encapsulations to purely vegetable capsule covers, completely without gelatine. Our sanuCAPS® liquid capsules are particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan product formulations.

Individual Liquid or Oil Formulations

through our innovative capsule technology

Our capsule technology enables you to realize individual lipid or oil formulations both in small and large batches with vegetable liquid capsules made of hydroxypropylcellulose.

Use the technological and innovative potential for leak-proof filling of liquid extracts, CO2 extracts, lipids and essential oils into vegetarian liquid capsules according to the Banding method. We offer liquid encapsulations in the swallow-friendly capsule size 0 from a minimum purchase quantity of 10,000 capsules.

Liquid capsules

from HPMC from industry leader SANUPHARM

Advantages of sanuCaps®  liquid technology

  • Leak-proof filling of liquid formulations with Banding
  • Ideal for fat-soluble active ingredients
  • Bottling of essential oils, liquid plant extracts, lipid formulations
  • Plant capsule casings for vegetarians and vegans
  • Shorter production times and smaller batch sizes than for soft gelatine softgels
  • Attractive appearance of the products due to transparent, clear capsule sheaths
  • Gentle special encapsulation without technological auxiliaries and additives
  • Banding sealant to protect against oxidation of the active ingredients and prolong shelf life
  • New product formulations such as liposome-like liquid formulations etc.

sanuCaps® Liquid capsules

specifically designed for liquids

sanuCaps®  Liquid capsules were specially developed for the filling of liquids by significantly minimizing the distance between the capsule top and bottom when closing the capsule shell through improved structural properties in order to avoid possible leaks before banding and packaging.

Vegetarian hard capsules filled with pellets, pellets in oil or microtablets/capsules

With the formulation of combination products where pellets are placed in capsules, pellets in oil or a smaller pre-filled capsule is placed in a larger (liquid-filled) capsule, we offer numerous possibilities and a wide range of formulation and design options.

The inner capsule can contain liquid, semi-solid, powder or pellets, while the outer capsule can be either a liquid or semi-solid formulation.

These unique combined delivery systems allow for time-controlled supplementation by modifying the release of the active ingredient, e.g. dissolved prebiotics in the outer capsule and probiotics in the inner capsule. The prebiotic is released immediately and the probiotic later.

Capsules with incompatible compounds can also be developed, e.g. with lipophilic active ingredients as oil phase or combinations thereof and water-soluble ingredients in pellets.

In addition, we offer capsules for double-blind studies by over-encapsulation.

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